Hereuci-side you will find the link to UCI’s official web page for Women’s Cycling.
We will post news, videos and information from UCI and other women’s world tour races here, so follow this page!

UCI looks back on 2016
When the calendar says 2017, UCI has taken a brief look back on 2016, and they have made this teaser video for Women’s WorldTour.
You’ll find the video here.
Other highlights here.

Best moments from UCI Women’s WorldTour 2016
Watch all the best moments from this incredible first ever UCI Women’s WorldTour
PS! Next year we will be there…. 🙂
You’ll find the video here.

UCI’s official road calendar
Here is the link to UCI’s road calendar for worldtour races to be arranged when and where in 2017. And there you will also now find Ladies Tour of Norway:)

What is UCI’s Women’s World Tour?
Here you will find a description of what a Women’s WorldTour-status actually means.